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We are a family organization that uses cutting edge technology to bring you the the most innovative interior design over 35 years.

All these services  listed here in this website are available to you as  part of our work volunteer for the KinsFree Foundation and part of your project can be tax deductible as we can work it with you on the way of your DONATED PROJECT.
Our unique acrylic art allows us to renew your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, counter tops, panels and doors, saving you hassle and money. We can remodel your kitchen in a contemporary style with 3 dimensional art acrylic and finish your counter tops to imitate the allure of expensive stones such as quartz, marble or granite. You can also choose another design from our gallery samples.
We are also master craftsmen in regards to furniture customization and woodworking. If you can imagine it, we will create it!
All of our work comes with unlimited warranty and maintenance, in gratitude of your donation, you'll become more than a customer for us, a donor.

Glow Acrylic
Our specialty and most exclusive service is Glow Acrylic. Our glow in the dark decorative acrylic is brighter than competitors’ and doesn’t require a UV black light. Instead, it recharges with normal light or daylight and the glow effect can last for more than 18 hours. Even more important, the glow acrylic is heat resistant, damage resistant and low maintenance. You will have access to a huge color selection to perfectly match the look that you’re going for. We guarantee that you will be fascinated by this art, the cost, the durability and much more. Enjoy a contemporary, high-end style at the best price!
If your cabinets are looking worse for wear, it might be time for a remodel. This makes it the perfect time to go for an updated look that perfectly encapsulates your decor tastes. Glowcrylic can reface your cabinets, providing you with a beautiful finish for your kitchen and bathroom while saving you money.
In bathrooms and kitchens, countertops take a lot of wear and tear over time. If you’re looking to update your counters, look no further than Glowcrylic for a cost effective solution. Our artistic application of acrylic can imitate the high style beauty of quartz and granite, but without the big price tag.  Another desirable option for your counters is an application of our Glow Acrylic. This unique and durable feature will be a source of awe and beauty for years to come.


Through our affiliation with Sun 3D Art Corporation, we can incorporate 3D art into your floors. 3D art gives you opportunity to add something unique to your floor, providing stunning visuals that are both eye catching and impressive

Kickboards and Baseboards
An often underappreciated element of any remodel, kickboards and baseboards give your cabinets support, protect you walls and are an added touch of decor. Offset your color scheme with this accent or choose something that blends in.

A bathroom vanity is not just a practical requirement in any home, it is also usually the largest piece of decor in a bathroom. A custom made vanity from Glowcrylic will allow you to design a vanity that matches your vision for your remodel. We can give you a beautiful and sturdy vanity that perfectly houses everything you need!

Our Glow Acrylic can be used in your bathtubs surrounding and showers walls! Our decorative wall panels add beauty and charm to a space that might otherwise be bland and boring. NO MORE MILDEW!