We want to give young people examples as community 'UNITED not DIVIDED". Also we want to be valued as an organization that works with Sincerity, Honesty, serving those in need. We don't want to be discriminated as an charitable organization that is seeking from easy benefits ways through its tax exempt status. We must to support the MISSION OF EDUCATIONAL LABOR for kids ages 14 up. Therefore, give support for the thesis of creating work projects to help young people identify a mission in life. The focus is on the personal and professional development through digital inclusion projects, training for the labor market and professional learning. Developing projects with families, in order to promote the strengthening of ties as a preventive and support various situations of social vulnerability. A work of basic social protection to complement the action developed by the family and community, seeking individual and collective development through a professional courier and leisure sports activities, seeking the welfare, quality of life, the development of autonomy and the protagonism of children and teenagers.