Let me tell a little about my journey on the YouTube, trying just like you or many others, looking for a easy fast way to learn how to play the guitar. Well, I don't know but I think you are at the right place. For a couple of years I am dedicating my work to help people in need in communities, particular kids at risk, with help of my volunteers and board of directors, however, in my free time I like to practice the guitar. Let me tell you this Kid, there's no easy way to learn play the guitar and no matter how much you spend on lessons, or even downloading free tabs, doesn't matter if you don't practice with a good lesson system that motivate you every time you practice, that's a fact! I am not a teacher or guitar player, like I said, I am a self taught student creating my own ways to teach me how to learn few classical rock and metal songs of my favorites bands. After many attempts to come up to this idea, I can say that I am very satisfied with this method because it's giving me more satisfaction to practice the songs. The benefits I am getting from this are many. I will tell you some, because definitely I know you will gonna love it too and later give me a positive comment, hope so, because I indeed worked many months and hours to do this, well, it's something I always wanted to do. If anyone could learn some complicated songs parts from the EASY FRETS, name a gave, by the way, will make more happy, it means that doesn't hurt to share with others a bit of our success, right!, Hope the people in the world change into this philosophy.

                                                                                                        EASY FRETS LEARNING BENEFITS:
1- You will not gonna spend money or time any more looking for crazy guitar tabs.
2- You will have more time to practice, even if you don't have time, you will manage 15 minutes per day to learn a least one section the song.
3- No longer think or practice numbers in your head, from now on you will memorize all the notes on the fretboard while you are practicing section of the songs.
4- You will no longer look at the notes on the fretboard, you will learn to memorize them in your head, watching the notes being playing on the scream of your computer.
5- You will memorized them for sure, if you don't hurry to learn too fast. Practice to memorize each section before move up to another, you will soon will play the whole song, you might not play too perfect or  fast enough, however, you will have each section of the song memorized in your head and fingers.
The benefits are huge, believe me!
Where do I get this MP4?
How much it will gonna cost me?
Can I find this system online?
How long those take to put the entire song in this format?
Can I request a song?
How long do I have to wait after my request?
All this question can be answer after you subscribe to my channel on the comments.
For now that's it, enjoy!