Dear Interested Car Donor:

Thank you for your interest in donating a vehicle to KinsFree. The donation of your vehicle will help us help our mission's barriers. Your donation is tax deductible! KinsFree will provide you with your IRS tax receipt. If you have any questions regarding your deduction please feel free to contact your tax advisor or visit the IRS website (publication #4303).

Please complete the attached form and return it to us along with your signed title. A title instruction sheet is included to help guide you in signing your title. A clear title means that the donor’s name appears on the front of the title and that it has been released from any liens. To ensure a quick donation process, please make sure to follow the title instructions closely as incorrect signing of your title could delay pickup. If a lien is listed on the front of your title, and is not released on the title. We need a copy of the lien release letter from the finance company. When we receive your completed form and signed title, we will send you a thank you letter confirming receipt of your title and paperwork and will have one of our towing companies contact you within a few days to arrange for the pickup of your vehicle. You do not have to be home for the pickup. If you have any questions, or we can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at  

Thank you so much for supporting our mission with our kids and those in need.

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