Missions & Outreach


We want to give young people examples as community 'UNITED not DIVIDED". Also we want to be valued as an organization that works with Sincerity and Honesty, serving those in need. We don't want to be discriminated as an charitable organization that is seeking from easy benefits ways through its tax exempt status. We must to support the MISSION OF EDUCATIONAL LABOR for kids ages 14 up.  Therefore, give support for the thesis of creating work projects to help young people identify a mission in life. The KinsFree Foundation is giving its first steps looking forward to make a difference to help. We created the "Youth Cabinetry and Crafts Vocational Training, offering professional cabinetry and crafts training courses for kids, ages 14 yrs old above, after the school hours. We need your support, and ask you to please donate any tools, wood or others materials you might need to throw in the garbage.

We will come to pick it up. KinsFree Foundation is a 501 C3 public charity organization. With no political interest, our board members are hard working families, interested in help not just kids but any individual who needs help.

Make a difference, America need us and so our kids.

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